Operation Theater


The operation theatre is air-conditioned & has Boyle's anaesthesia machine, pulse oxymeter, portable x-ray plant, C-Arm imaging facility and a cardiac-monitor enabling us to perform difcult and complicated surgical and Orthopaedic procedures with relative ease. Laparoscopic procedures for gall bladder, appendix, hernia, hysterectomy and sterilisation operations are performed as a matter of routine in our nursing home. C-Arm imaging facilitates urological procedures & advanced Orthopaedic operations. Procedures like E.R.C.P. & removal of PCNL and URS for renal-Ureteric stones, cystoscopy, TURP, TURBT can be easily performed with precision. The operation theatre measures 320 Sq. Feet situated on the 2nd Floor of the hospital. All aseptic conditions are maintained by ultra modern fumigator for effective prevention of infections. The instruments are properly sterilised using high pressure autoclave and instruments steriliser. A separate fully equipped air-conditioned Labour room with all facilities for new-born Resuscitation is present adjacent to the operation theatre.